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We all enjoy reading about the latest in sustainable and ethical fashion. Most of us have already chosen which influencers to follow, and we never miss a post.

We have already shared with you our favorites for 2016 (we still love you, guys)! However, it can’t hurt to check out a few new authors who are passionate about sustainable and ethical fashion every once in a while, either. Who knows? You might discover your new favorite blogger on this list of our top 5 sustainable fashion blogs for 2017!


EcoCult is a fresh, clean-cut sustainable and ethical fashion blog that is basically a one-woman show. Run by Alden Wicker, EcoCult is full of high-quality posts on a wide variety of topics pertaining to city life, sustainable and ethical fashion, non-toxic beauty, shopping locally, organic food, eco-friendly home design, education, fashion, sustainable lifestyle and much more! Of course, you will also find the occasional guest post, which serves as a bit of spice added to the mix of general goodness.

ecocult alden wicker sustainable fashion blog

According to Alden Wicker, people should be focused on their own personal style, and choose pieces that flatter them, instead of blindly following the current trends. Once they have decided what is important to them, they should stick to their guns; cruelty-free, vegan, sustainable, ethical, local or artisanal fashion are all very relevant and viable options for today’s conscious consumers. She also offers a shopping guide to help her readers stay true to their ideals without cutting down on style!

Walk Sew Good

Megan O’Malley and Gab Murphy are two gorgeous ladies who have taken it upon themselves to walk through Southeast Asia for a year, in order to learn about the people who make clothing, get to know the artisans and learn their stories. They are also interested in connecting with people and cooperatives who are resisting the model of fast fashion, and their goal is to bring this side of sustainable and ethical fashion to light. And the best part? They are going to be filming the entire way!

walk sew good sustainable fashion blog

Their blog is full of beautiful videos and well-written, uplifting posts about the people they meet (Humans are Great), along with articles about any issues they feel they need to draw attention to. So hop on over to Walk Sew Good’s blog for a healthy dose of optimism and spunk!

p.s. They did a piece on Wild Tussah with Danica – check it out below!

Eluxe Magazine

Eluxe Magazine is the world’s first paper and digital publication that’s fully dedicated to sustainable luxury. Unlike other sustainable fashion publications, this one loves all things that are super luxurious, whether they’re solar powered yachts, haute couture made from recycled fabrics or very special organic beauty brands with the most exquisite ingredients.

Eluxe Magazine sustainable fashion blog

Owned and run by Chere Di Boscio, an editor of glossy magazines in Paris, Dubai and London for many years, Eluxe has very strict criteria for what they consider ‘sustainable’ and while they’re highly elegant, they also have a bit of a ‘punk rock’ side – they’re not at all afraid to call out brands that greenwash, or condemn ‘vegan leather’ for being harsh on the planet, for example.

The magazine promotes healthy, holistic lifestyles and is focused on veganism; new vegan recipes are published every week online. They also love animals and donate 10% of their annual profits to animal welfare.

Wild Tussah was recently featured in 7 Ethical Fashion Brands Moving Into Your Home for our Home Decor line, which includes pillowcases that feature both vintage and new artisan-made textiles from Vietnam, hand-made wallhangings and ceramic mugs, bowls and saucers.

Anuschka Rees

Anuschka is a Berlin-based writer, who also blogs about how to curate the perfect ethical and sustainable wardrobe. She promotes adhering to your unique personal style, investing in a few high quality pieces (instead of fast fashion), and she strives to help her readers create their own styling sense, by explaining how style and fashion work. Her advice is always spot-on, which is partly due to her vast knowledge about aesthetics and fashion.

Overall, Anuschka Rees’ blog is one of our utmost favorites, and you should definitely check it out!

anuschka rees sustainable fashion blog


Sasstainable is a blog that’s best for socially conscious women who are interested in issues pertaining to family life, art, culture, cooking, organic food and coffee, beauty, cycling, yoga and dating. The writer behind Sasstainable is Angela Wallace, a single mother who has experience as a motivational speaker and is passionate about sustainability.

Sasstainable Angela Wallace sustainable fashion blog

A hard worker, Angela has ensured that her professional background in business as a brand architect, consultant, influencer, speaker and writer in sustainability is being put to good use in her personal blog. She strives to promote her passion for corporate social responsibility by helping conscious companies reach their goals and tell their stories. Don’t miss out on her sassy, cheeky blog!

If you have any favorite sustainable fashion blogs that you can’t stop reading, please share with us! We are always looking for more articles on making the world a better place.

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