15 Staples For A Capsule Sustainable Wardrobe

Planning on downsizing your wardrobe? Here are a few of our favorite classic and timeless staples from various slow fashion brands that are perfect for almost any occasion since they are very versatile, that we think every sustainable fashionista should have.

1. Short-sleeve Tee

It’s at the top of the list because this item is super versatile. You can wear it with any outfit, tuck it in a skirt, cover it with a stylish blazer, or simply wear it over a pair of jeans.

2. Tank Top

You can wear it in warm weather with skirts and shorts, or even underneath your cardigan during the colder months.

3. Button-down Shirt

You could easily wear it to the office, use it as a top layer over a tank top, or even pair it with your favorite pair of jeans for a more casual look.

4. Cardigan

This cardigan will not just keep you warm; it will also add an impressive quality to your look. Depending on your personal taste, you can choose between a button-up style or an un-buttoned cardigan.

5. Jacket/Blazer

This round neck jacket can be used on both formal and casual occasions, so it’s a must-have for any conscious-minded fashionista. Besides, owning a quality blazer is always  a good idea, since it can help you create in an instant a very cool, sophisticated look.

6. Black Pants

A pair of versatile, black pants are always a very good choice for anyone looking to downsize their wardrobe, because you can usually wear them with almost everything you may have in your closet.

7. A pair of Jeans

You should definitely invest in a good pair of fair trade slim fit jeans for your sportier and fresh outfits. These high-quality jeans can be worn everyday, when you’re going to a fairly casual working place.

8.Black Dress

Whether it’s a boho, tank or skater style design, this iconic little black dress can and will get you through millions of occasions.

9. A-line Skirt

An A-line skirt will create an instant soft look to your style, so it’s great to wear it with your white t-shirt whenever you’re in the mood for a bit of a girly look for the day. You can also pair it with a blazer, or even with a shirt that you can tuck in for an even girlier look.

10. Black High Heels

This fashion favorite has withstood the test of time because it is the go-to shoe for day or night, for dressy occasions and more casual events alike. You can wear these with jeans, skirts, evening dresses or even your working suit.

11. Neutral Flat Shoes

A cool pair of neutral-colored shoes will look fantastic with your jeans as well as your skirts, and will definitely become one of your most comfortable and easy-to-wear everyday staple (during warmer weather seasons).

12. Versatile Handbag

Any handbag that you can comfortably use from day to night, from working at the office to attending evening events, is a must-have in our book. We recommend a handbag that’s customizable, which features removable parts to better accommodate your needs, such as our Day to Night handbag, which can be easily turned into an evening clutch, by simply removing its strap.

13. Scarf

A neutral-colored scarf that will pop on either black or white top is a great seasonal accessory to have. Pick any brand that use eco-friendly yarns or supporting artisans in communities that have economical hardship for your collection.

14. Sneakers

Also useful as regular old running shoes, a pair of sneakers! Pick a unique, vibrantly colored pair, which you will wear with your most edgy outfits, and enjoy the comfort of walking in a flat shoe all day long. These shoes include a 100 percent recycled PET mesh upper, 100 percent recycled laces and webbing, and a 10 percent recycled rubber outsole.

15. Bikini

Wear this gorgeous Cherokee design-inspired bikini at your next trip to the beach! It’s simple in its design, but the details and colors of the print convey an ethnic vibe, and are sure to look great on both tanned and not-quite-there-yet skin.

What other sustainable fashion items have you thought of? We’d love to hear! Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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