5 Beach Looks for this Summer

The hot weather is coming in full swing (depending on where you are) with warm winds and blazing sunshine. That means time for summer vacations, sunbathing and days hanging out at the beach. Before enjoying the sand between your toes, let’s check out 5 beach looks from sustainable fashion brands to go with your Cham Tote. Each look includes our favorite white coverups for this summer.

Black Tote Look

Black Cham Tote Look


  1. Coverup- Beach Bunny Zebra Burnout Beach Robe – $40.00
  2. Earrings- Cred Deco Fair trade Silver Leaf Drop Earrings – £40.00
  3. Bangle- Cred Wide Step Silver Bangle – £90.00
  4. Sunglasses Warby Parker Robinson Jet Black Matte Sunglasses – $95.00
  5. Bathing Suit- M&S Italian Fabric Halterneck Padded Underwired Bikini Top – £22.50 and M&S Lace Kaftan – £25.00
  6. Sandals- Melissa Shoes Pollen Chrome Black – $39.00
  7. Handbag- Wild Tussah Cham Tote Black Weave – $280.00

Marks and Spencer- Bathing Suit

Since launching Plan A in 2007, Marks and Spencer has made various environmental sustainability efforts from recycling, beach cleaning, organic production to cancer fundraising. Using a tracing system, the company can identify a product from where the material was grown to where it was made. Shop M&S if you like their designs and their to environmental sustainability efforts.

Cred- Earrings & Bangles

Cred is a pioneer company in promoting ethical jewelry, whose products are handcrafted using 100% certified Fair Trade silver and gold. All of their metals are traceable. Since forming in 1996, Cred has travelled the world to create a fair and ethical supply chain from mining to producing products.

Warby Parker- Sunglasses

If you want to look stylish and be an ethical consumer at the same time, Warby Parker eyewear is a perfect choice. For every pair of glasses you buy the company distributes one pair to someone in need and trains entrepreneurs in developing countries to bring affordable glasses to their communities. For a very reasonable price, you can now be stylish and give back to those who are in need.

Melissa- Sandals

Besides having a chic and stylish look, Melissa footwear are made from a breathable, non-toxic and 100% recyclable plastic material called Melflex. It improves PVC elasticity and resistance, which will make the shoes more comfortable and durable. 99.9% of their factory’s waste and water is recycled; even overstock styles will be reused for the next collection. Best part is that the shoes come with a sweet lovely bubblegum scent that will enhance your next urban eco-adventure experience.

Blue Cham Tote Look

Blue Cham Tote Look


  1. Coverup- Beach Bunny Castaway Caftan – $125.00
  2. Sunglasses- Westward Leaning Concord 1 Sunglasses – $205.00
  3. Earrings- Evoke Africa Tintsaba Silver & Mykynos Blue Woven Earings – £15.00
  4. Bangle- Cred Step Bangle – £55.00
  5. Bathing Suit- Cala Ossidiana Adriatic Blue Knot-Back Bikini American Fit – $255.00
  6. Flip Flops- Havaianas Slim Navy Blue – $26.00
  7. Handbag- Wild Tussah Cham Tote Blue Weave – $280.00

Westward Leaning- Sunglasses

Westward Leaning incorporates recycled materials into their classic shape sunglasses. For every pair of glasses sold, the San Francisco company donates $10 to charities that supports education and social changes.

Evoke Africa- Earrings

Evoke Africa stocks a wide range of African hand-made jewelry that is carefully chosen by their team. You can shop high-quality products with an impressively affordable price for your summer collection and support artisans in Africa.

Cala Ossidiana- Bathing Suit

Cala Ossidiana swimsuits are perfect for lounging by your favorite resort pool or beach. These bathingsuits can be worn for a long time as they are made from Xtra Life Lycra – a very durable spandex fiber that strongly resists degradation. The fabric is made in an Italian mill which runs only on wind, water and solar power. As the brand is participating in World Land Trust, every swimsuit you buy will help protect an average of ½ to 1 meter of Argentinean rainforests.

Havaianas- Flip Flops

Made from natural rubber, Havaianas offer you seemingly endless styles of fashionable flip flop options. Along with its parent company, Havaianas partners with Conservation International to preserve marine ecosystems. By purchasing Havaianas shoes, you are adding new items to your ethical fashion collection and helping to protect our natural environment.

Red Cham Tote Look

Red Cham Tote Look


  1. Coverup- M&S Lace Kaftan – £25.00
  2. Sunglasses- Solo Haiti Sunglasses – $95.00
  3. Earrings- Cred Small Lotus Bud Earrings – £56.00
  4. Bangle- Cred Step Bangle – £55.00
  5. Bathing Suit- Cala Ossidiana Carmine Knot-Back Bikini American Fit – $255.00
  6. Flip Flops- Havaianas Flash Urban Aubergine – $30.00
  7. Handbag- Wild Tussah Cham Tote Red Weave – $280.00

Solo- Sunglasses

Solo eyewear is eco-friendly and made from bamboo. Each pair of glasses purchased funds two people in need. You can now look good and help restore vision for others at the same time.

Yellow Cham Tote

Yellow Cham Tote Look


  1. Coverup- Mara Hoffman Woven Tank Dress – $194.00
  2. Earrings- Zady Odette Triton Studs – $98.00
  3. Bracelet- Zady Winifred Grace Bar Cuff -$155.00
  4. Sunglasses- Warby Parker Crossfield Polished Gold Sunglasses – $145.00
  5. Bathing Suit- Undrest Mazatlan French Bandeau Top – $40.00
  6. Bathing Suit- Undrest Mazatlan French Brief – $40.00
  7. Handbag- Wild Tussah Cham Tote Yellow Weave – $280.00

Undrest- Bathing Suit

Promoting only ethically produced fashion, Undrest hopes to make a difference by supporting sweatshop-free and child-free labor apparel.

Zady- Earrings & Bracelet

Zady is an online destination for you to look for eco-friendly and sustainable fashion products that are designed to last. This company has created a platform to connect environmentally conscious consumers and product makers together. You can find details on who the designer is, what raw materials are used for your product and where it is made on every product page of their website.

Purple Cham Tote

Purple Cham Tote Look


  1. Coverup- M&S Crochet Drawstring Kaftan – £29.50
  2. Sunglasses- Westward Leaning Vanguard 2 Sunglasses – $225.00
  3. Earrings- Organic Eco Friendly Handmade Sisal Woven Fair Trade Earrings Rwanda African – $9.95
  4. Bathing Suit- Cala Ossidiana Violet Knot-Back Maillot – $310.00
  5. Sandals- M&S Leather Tubular Knot Sandals – £39.50
  6. Handbag- Wild Tussah Cham Tote Purple Weave – $280.00

Wild Tussah- Handbags

And of course you can’t forget about us- Wild Tussah! If you believe that your fashion should fit both your style and your values, a Wild Tussah bag will be a great addition to your closet. Our handbags are locally made by artisans from weaving villages in Vietnam. Each bag has a story to tell. Learn more about our artisans and mission.

Let’s make a difference this summer and choose brands that have a mission to improve our world.

If you have any other sustainable summer looks to share, please either comment below or tweet at us!

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