5 Best Locations for Eco-Tourism

Eco-tourism is all about visiting places in order to be able to experience their natural beauty and enjoy their distinct biodiversity. We have discovered 5 excellent eco-tourism destinations that offer their visitors the best experience and the most diverse sustainable activities!

Eco-tourism destination #1: Kenya[1][4][5]

Kenya, eco-tourism, sustainable, sustainable activities

Hot air balloon safari!


Kenya is one of the best eco-tourism destinations in the world, as it seems to have it all! Most tourists love it for its wonderful and abundant ecosystem and its famous wildlife safari experiences, where visitors can see from fairly up close various exotic animals, such as lions, elephants and giraffes, as well as many birds, in their natural habitat. The people are passionate about conserving their country’s natural resources, and are making sure that tourism is not disruptive to the environment.

Kenya, lake, eco-tourism, sustainable, sustainable activities


Apart from safaris, though, Kenya has a lot more sustainable activities to offer its eco-tourists; beyond the arid plains where most of the wildlife resides, there are beautiful lakes, amazing mountains, lush rainforests and breathtaking beaches, as well as numerous coral reefs for you to explore!

Kenya, beach, eco-tourism, sustainable, sustainable activities

Eco-tourism destination #2: Samoa[2]

Samoa, eco-tourism, sustainable, sustainable activities


This gorgeous island that is located in the South Pacific ocean has been quick to adopt standards for sustainable tourism. The island’s abundance of marine wildlife and coral reefs, along with its impressive coastline, make Samoa a dream destination for eco-tourists who love scuba diving and sea exploration.

Samoa, rainforest, beach, eco-tourism, sustainable, sustainable activities


However, the island has a lot to offer to rainforest lovers, since its volcanic peaks are covered in lush vegetation! Culture-inclined visitors will also be able to appreciate the local people’s authentic, communal way of life, as well.

Samoa, eco-tourism, sustainable, sustainable activities

Eco-tourism destination #3: Borneo[1][6]

sea turtle, hatchling, Borneo, eco-tourism, sustainable, sustainable activities

A wee baby sea turtle. There is a hatchery in Selingan Turtle island!


Borneo, being the 3rd largest island in the world -and the largest in Asia- has become one of the most interesting eco-tourism destinations of 2015; its amazing biodiversity has become a major attraction for nature lovers! Visitors can hike to the Mount Kinabalu, or take a boat to the Selingan Turtle island. The locals, who are very polite and welcoming, are happy to interact with eco-tourists and help them discover the best activities their island has to offer.

Borneo, mt Kinabalu, eco-tourism, sustainable, sustainable activities

Mount Kinabalu, Borneo


Its significant cave systems are full of life, and its ancient rainforests are home to many flowering plants, trees, animals and birds. Orangutans, elephants, rhinos and leopards and fruit bats are some of the residents of Borneo’s rainforests.

Borneo, Gomantong cave, eco-tourism, sustainable, sustainable activities

Gomatong cave from the inside, Borneo

Eco-tourism destination #4: Palau[2][3][4]

Palau, MIlky way, eco-tourism, sustainable, sustainable activities


Palau is THE eco-tourism destination for people who love marine wildlife, waterfalls and underwater explorations, and it is only going to get better, as it has announced that it is planning to create a vast National Marine Sanctuary, which will cover about 80% of its waters, in order to protect its wildlife from industrial-scale fishing.

Perfect for snorkeling, diving and underwater adventures, the island nation is home to numerous species of fish and more than 500 coral species, which thrive under the protection of the established no-fishing zones!

Palau, beach, eco-tourism, sustainable, sustainable activities

Exotic enough for you?


On the other hand, if you would prefer relaxing on the beach under the sun, Palau is perfect for you, too! You can lounge on the island’s gorgeous beaches, or do some sightseeing -Dolphin Bay, for example, is famous for being the best place to hold a wedding. Who can resist having dolphins attend the ceremony?

As an added plus, no visa is needed to visit Palau, as you can get one when you arrive, for less than $50.

Eco-tourism destination #5: The Blue Mountains, Australia[1][7]

Australia, blue mountains, The Blue Mountains, Australia


If you love exploring mountains, biking, trekking, or rafting, then the Blue Mountains are a perfect eco-tourism destination for you! Full of life, these mountains are painted blue by the numerous eucalyptus trees that thrive in the region. Over the span of 550 square miles, the Blue Mountains have a huge amount of gorgeous vegetation and exotic plants to offer their visitors!

Wollemi Pine, The Blue Mountains, Australia

A wollemi pine


One of the most interesting are the critically endangered Wollemi Pines, which were thought to be extinct! The oldest fossil of the Wollemi tree has been dated to 200 million years ago, and the tree’s significance to nature lovers is immense.

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