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Easter is almost here, and we have carefully handpicked 5 stylish, colorful outfits which are also sustainable and ethical! The sustainable brands whose products we feature on our list are all for supporting underprivileged artisans, conserving the environment and giving back to people in need. This is your chance to both look cool and do good this season!

1. Sweet Purple


Spring is here and it’s time to unwind with a soft and sweet purple tint, inspired by the blooming season. A great combination between the calm stability of blue and the powerful energy of red, purple uplifts your spirits and balances your emotions, while still helping you look feminine and fashionable. For this outfit, we picked a comfy maxi dress in pastel colors, and we emphasized the look with darker-tone accessories, for an elegant and free-spirited style.

Dress: Magnolia Print Maxi Dress (Monsoon) – £169.00

Sandals: White Leather Women’s Lexie Sandals (Toms) – $79.00

Sunglasses: Purple Maple Polarized (Proof) – $115.00

Earrings: Gypsy Chic Earrings Pink (Vavavida) – $25.00

Nail Polish: Mira Nail Polish (Zoya) – $10.00

Handbag: Cham Tote Purple Weave 2 (Wild Tussah) – $134.00

2. Vibrant Teal


Teal is a sophisticated version of the blue-green color, which reminds us of beautiful gardens, clear tropical water and the sky on a spring day. It inspires a refreshing feeling and makes this outfit super fun! Combined with the sunny touch of this cute bright yellow dress and the classic style of the black booties, this beautiful color’s versatility really shines with this outfit.

Dress: Gathered Tie Dress in Yellow (People Tree) – $89.00

Cardigan: Evanna Edge To Edge Cardigan (Monsoon) – £39.00

Sunglasses: Carver Black (Panda) – $120.00

Earrings: Enamel Square Earrings in Teal (People Tree) – $10.11

Nail Polish: Jacqueline Nail Polish (Zoya) – $10.00

Handbag: Cham Tote Teal Weave (Wild Tussah) – $134.00

3. Elegant Grey


If you are heading off to a dressy event, you could try this elegant outfit, featuring an elegant maxi dress, whose simple and clean-cut style is emphasized by a grey tote. Grey is thought to be the color of strength and stability, and it’s also considered as a cool and aloof hue, and as such it adds a glamorous and kind of mysterious look to the outfit. Don’t forget to use a super bright hot lip or nail color, such as scarlet or crimson, to make the outfit pop.

Dress: Anya Evening Dress in Black (People Tree) – $100.65

Earrings: Handmade Engraved Hoop Earrings (People Tree) – $11.89

Bangel: Handmade Engraved Bangle (People Tree) – $17.84

Shoe: Malika Woven Block Heel Sandal (Monsoon) – £69.00

Nail Polish: Hannah Nail Polish (Zoya) – $10.00

Hair Accessory: Athena Feather And Flower Fascinator Clip (Monsoon) – £19.00

Lipgloss: Heartbeat Lipgloss (Ilia) – $24.00

Handbag: Cham Tote Grey Weave (Wild Tussah) – $134.00

4. Girly Fuchsia


Do you prefer wearing black and white but still want to add a different shade to your repertoire? Add a splash of vivid color to brighten your black and white outfits with this fuchsia tote!

Dress: Story We Tell Dress (Kowtow) – $219

Shoe: The Modern Ankle Boot (Everlane) – $195

Lipgloss: Lip Caramel, Sorbetto (100% Pure) – $25.00

Hat: Classic Fedora Black (Pachacuti) – £57.50

Nail Polish: Girly Nail Polish (Aquarella) – $16.00

Bracelet: Accord Bracelet (Purpose Jewelry) – $ 18.00

Handbag: Cham Tote Fuchsia Weave (Wild Tussah) – $134.00

5. Relaxing Lime Green


If your holiday plans involve a little quiet time with the family, rejoice in the comfort of a striped T-shirt and jeans. This cool color is just perfect for both spring and summer, as it represents nature, life, renewal and freshness.

Top: Sailor Tee (Seasalt) – £25.00

Bottom: Ripped Super Skinny Jeans (Fat Face) – £45.00

Shoe: The Modern Loafer (Everlane) – $170

Lipstick: Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze: Vixen (100% Pure) – $25.00

Nail Polish: Creamy Polish: Casaba Melon (100% Pure) – $12.00

Scarf: Baby Alpaca Scarf – Ivory (Raven + Lily) – $88.00

Cuff: Chennai Cuff (Trading Hope) – $24.00

Sunglasses: Sunglasses Ghana (Solo) – $57.00

Handbag: Cham Tote Lime Green Weave (Wild Tussah) – $134.00

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