5 Things to Talk About During After Work Drinks – May 2016

An assortment of interesting and fun-to-read content, related to feminism and sustainable and ethical fashion, that you can bring up in conversation with your friends when you find yourself out on the town for some after work drinks, during Happy Hour.

Livia Firth: Every time you shop, always think, ‘Will I wear this a minimum of 30 times?’

Wild Tussah - after work drinks - Livia Firth

A very interesting read, this article by Livia Firth explains how very little has changed since the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh, back in 2013, and how we, as conscious consumers, can help to drive a global change in the way fashion industry operates.

Wild Tussah - after work drinks - Rana Plaza

Regarding the dangers of fast fashion, Livia writes: ‘You make collections cheap so that people feel rich because they can buy so much, […] You’re giving the consumer what they want. Well, my children want sugar every single day, but I don’t give it to them

Wild Tussah - after work drinks - fast fashion

If you think about it, she’s right; do we really need cheap collections that we can replace as soon as something new pops up? Should quality matter? Who pays the price for our cheap clothes -and in what ways? These are questions that we should all ask ourselves before buying that new cute cheap skirt.

Livia Firth urges us to think, before buying something new; ‘Will I wear it a minimum of 30 times?’ We might me surprised at how many times the answer is no.

Danielle Sherman Exits Edun

Wild Tussah - after work drinks - Danielle Sherman

Danielle Sherman has left her three-year-long position of creative director of Bono’s and Ali Hewson’s ethical fashion label, Edun. Ali Hewson, U2’s Bono’s wife and founder of Edun, commented that ‘What Edun has achieved over the past three years represents an important step, with a new vocabulary and a real dynamic for the future […] I am very grateful to Danielle for her valuable contribution, and for elevating the conversation about ethical fashion

Wild Tussah - after work drinks - Edun

7 Things Feminist Men Don’t Do

Wild Tussah - after work drinks - Feminist Men

Can men be feminists? Well, of course they can, as long as they believe in gender equality! This article shows us a few things that feminist men never do, such as feel entitled to sex or attention, devalue women in their professional fields, think of themselves as ‘Mr. Nice Guy’, manterrupting, and more!

Check it out, because some of these issues are so sly and creepy that we rarely seem to notice them anymore.

A rebirth of ancient skills revitalises a village in Peru’s Sacred Valley

Wild Tussah - after work drinks - ccaccaccollo weaving village

This beautiful article explains how a tourism boom in the 1990s caused an economic imbalance in the Sacred Valley area in the Andes, which lead to the cultural demise of Ccaccaccollo village, a small weaving village perched on a green mountainside overlooking the valley.

Wild Tussah - after work drinks - ccaccaccollo weaving village 2

According to the locals, their culture and traditions that survived the Spanish conquest almost disappeared over the course of a few years, due to the increase in visitors numbers. Nowadays, their ancient weaving traditions are preserved, thanks to Planeterra’s fundraising and financing, which also helped them rebuild, after a grave natural disaster left the village in ruins.

May The Force be with you: Celebrities pack the front row as sustainable label KITX makes its Fashion Week debut with Star Wars inspired collection

Wild Tussah - after work drinks - KITX Collection - Star Wars - Rey

Star Wars seems to be one of the most successful films of the past year, and we are pleased to see that it has inspired many fashion designers that participated in the KITX Fashion Week debut, whose creations remind us of the iconic Jedi garments, the film’s military-styled kimonos, and Rey’s cool and flowy desert outfit.

Color-wise, we loved the green, black and grayish base tones, along with a few bright splashes of yellow and ivory colors, as well as this multifaceted collection of gorgeous and practical pieces.

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