5 Things to Talk About During After Work Drinks- May

The 2 Euro T-Shirt – A Social Experiment

Fashion Revolution placed a brightly colored vending machine in a busy square in Berlin, that was selling T-shirts for only 2€! Needless to say, lots of people showed interest and tried to buy some, but as soon as they put their money in, the machine showed them a video presenting the people who actually make cheap fashion, who work for 16 hours a day and get paid next to nothing. Finally, the vending machine asked them if they would still like to buy that T-shirt or donate the money instead. The results? See for yourself!

People care when they know” seems to be the moral of this social experiment, and we certainly hope that’s true!

Ecuador planted the most trees ever in one day!



On May 16, thousands of people in Ecuador worked together to break the Guinness World Record for the most trees planted in one day! More than 44 thousand people managed to plant 647.250 trees at 150 sites, thus beating the previous record from a group in the Philippines, that won in 2014.

On National Reforestation day, also known as Siembratón (which derives from the words ‘sembrar’, which means ‘to sow’, and ‘marathon’), Ecuador attempted to right the wrongs that mar its recent past of clear-cutting, excessive logging and source exploitation.

The national goal for 2017 is to reforest 500 thousand hectares; a rather difficult task, especially considering how the country’s existing forests and indigenous nations are consistently being threatened and ignored.

The major issue is the massive expanse of oil underneath the Ecuadorian Amazon region, where about 600 thousand people -not to mention thousands of native tree species, animals, birds and insects- live.

With many companies interested in grabbing a slice of the forest for themselves, we can only hope that the people of Ecuador will continue promoting reforestation and environmental responsibility!

Denmark toughens up regulations to protect models’ health

A model walks the runway at Copenhagen Fashion Week

A model walks the runway at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Tighter regulations have been put in place by the Danish fashion industry in order to ensure that models who walk their runways are both mentally and physically healthy.

According to Denmark’s Fashion Ethical Charter, all brands must now set up psychological and physical exams and evaluations for the models they intend to work with, so as to avoid hiring them if they have eating disorders or other mental health issues.

Models at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Models at Copenhagen Fashion Week

All of the models are required to be above 16, and must also be paid for their work -since often they would be paid for their services in clothes instead of receiving regular wages.

This move helps promote a positive body image for women, according to Eva Kruse, the CEO of Danish Fashion Institute, who stands behind this initiative: “the stupendous amount of support being given to the Danish Fashion Ethical Charter speaks for itself; the Danish industry is aware of its responsibility and is prepared to take a collective step towards models having better well-being and towards a body image that is healthy and not sickly.

This certainly sounds like good news to us, since it will help models remain healthy and also project a positive body image to girls worldwide, who look up to fashion runway models and idealize their bodies.

When a student’s baby started crying in class, this professor had the best response ever!


It’s not everyday you get to see a university professor soothing a crying baby during his lecture!

A veteran lecturer at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem,  professor Sydney Engelberg, touched our hearts recently, when he did something most of his colleagues wouldn’t even dream of; when the baby of one of his students started crying during the lecture and wouldn’t stop, the embarrassed mom made to leave, but this awesome man didn’t let her. He scooped the baby up and started soothing it, without missing a beat!

According to the professor’s daughter, Sarit Fishbaine, her father, who has four children and five grandchildren, allows the mothers that attend his masters’ lectures to bring their babies with them, and doesn’t mind them at all, even if they breastfeed. Why should moms have to choose between a baby and an education?

According to this amazing professor’s daughter, “the way he sees the concept of getting education is not only learning the dry facts that you need to learn in class, but also learning values”.

We just wish more people were like him!

Sienna Miller speaks out about feminism at Cannes

The gorgeous, stylish and talented Sienna Miller spoke up about feminism and equal pay at the Cannes Film Festival.

Sienna Miller (image: GETTY)

Sienna Miller (image: GETTY)

The 33 year old actress said, among other things;”I’m actually increasingly aware of the lack of equality in our industry and all over the world in every industry and almost every walk of life, but I do feel like the last year has been very important for women. […] The conversation is happening on a much larger scale and on a world stage, and I feel like it’s time to make a stand in terms of equal pay and all of that. And whether it’s the #HeForShe campaign or, in America, potentially a female president, things are moving the right way!

Just another reason to love her!

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