5 Things to Talk About During After Work Drinks – October

We have handpicked a selection of interesting topics, that you could bring up next time you find yourself out for after work drinks with your friends.

Tunza Gorilla, a premium quality ethical fashion brand with a mission to protect gorillas

Tunza Gorilla is a new premium quality ethical and sustainable fashion brand crowdfunding project, which aims at raising £5,000 in order to start production. The brand’s name means ‘care for’ in Swahili, and its mission revolves around protecting gorillas -and especially the eastern gorilla subspecies- in central Africa.

1443633293_silverback and adult gorilla

These gorgeous, peaceful animals are one of the most endangered species on the planet, as there are only 900 mountain gorillas, and 2000-3000 eastern lowland gorillas living in the forests of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The gorillas’ habitats are surrounded by thousands of people, who live in poor communities that are forced to cut down trees for charcoal, in order to survive. They need to be supported, as well, so that they won’t have to rely on deforestation in order to be able to make a living.

We love the project, and really hope they will be able to reach their goal and start producing their awesome, organic clothing range as soon as possible!

Amy Schumer gets emotional talking about body image and empowerment 

We love Amy Schumer, and we were touched by her interview, where she explained how the right styling can do wonders for a woman’s confidence and self-esteem, in a world where everyone seems to be a size 0. Amy also mentioned the pride she felt when she realized that her own sister, who used to be a bit unstylish as well, could very well look beautiful and comfortable in her own skin, and accepted the fact that holding herself back for whatever reason was really affecting the women she influences.

She went on to thank her stylist from her latest movie, who took the time to help her find her own style, and therefore provided her with the tools to help other women discover how to accentuate their good points, in order to look as good as possible and feel empowered and confident.

We were used to Amy Schumer’s self-deprecating humour, and felt her sarcasm was stemming from her deep confidence and strength, however this interview revealed that everyone needs to feel genuinely good about themselves, no matter how strong and confident they may appear. This doesn’t mean that we have to radically change everything about us to look like an anorexic runway model; it only means that we need to be able to take care of ourselves both physically and mentally, and to feel good in what we wear, so that we don’t end up feeling insecure or judged.

Asked to leave a women’s empowerment seminar for bringing her baby girl


We loved this very interesting article by Liza Monroy, where she recounted how she ended up being asked to leave a women’s empowerment seminar, just because she had brought her infant daughter along! This story really sheds light on the differences between older mentalities and modern feminism.

In our mind, it should all be about empowering women to embrace their role as mothers, not forcing them to hire babysitters and hide their babies at home, in an effort to not appear tied down by their family responsibilities, or -heaven forbid- vulnerable!

We do understand where this type of archaic mentality stems for, but this is 2015. It’s about time we opened our minds and became a little more versatile, ladies!

Leonardo DiCaprio to chair Formula E Sustainability Committee


Leonardo DiCaprio, who is a world-renowned environmentalist, will chair Formula E’s Sustainability Committee, in an effort to bring focus to environmental and social responsibility in how major companies do business. The main goal of Formula E is to promote high-tech electric vehicles, which are environmentally friendly, and to change the world’s perception of clean, electric cars.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has worked on 70 projects in more than 40 countries all over the world, and the award-winning actor recently donated $15 million, which went towards supporting environmental initiatives. As an activist, Mr. DiCaprio’s goal is to raise awareness on the issues of climate change, of clean energy alternatives, of the need for change and innovation. He wants to help people all over the world to realize that the planet is at a tipping point, and unite them in a decisive front against the practices that created this problem.

The 3 things preventing the sustainable fashion movement from going to scale (and what we can do about it)

We really enjoyed this article, which discussed 3 major problems that prevent the sustainable fashion movement from going to scale.

According to the writer, who makes a good point, one of the major contributing factors of the sustainable movement’s slow take-off lies in the fact that sustainability is not yet seen as a commercial opportunity, but as an extra cost that can be avoided. Companies haven’t yet realised how many people care about where their clothes come from, and what a financially viable niche sustainable fashion can be.

Even though there has been a significant increase in awareness after the tragic Rana Plaza collapse on 13 May 2013, it still remains globally low. Consumers and fashion industry professionals have a very limited understanding of the effects their choices can have on the environment and on other people’s lives. This needs to change as soon as possible.

Lastly, sustainability always seems to be someone else’s responsibility, as people are happy to shift responsibility onto others. Capable, strong and influential leaders are needed, so that there can be positive change!

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