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Reflecting on Fashion Revolution Week 2016

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Ever since the Rana Plaza tragedy back in 2013, Fashion Revolution has been encouraging people all over the world to take a look at who really makes their clothes, and how transparent their favorite brands actually are. It’s no secret that fast fashion exploits people in developing countries and shamelessly takes advantage of their misfortunes, in order to employ them in sweatshops and factories in what could only be described as modern day slavery.

Fashion Revolution strives to open the eyes of consumers all around the world, and asks for everyone’s help in order to spread the word and reach even more people. On Fashion Revolution Week every year, the conscious consumers who support this ethical and sustainable fashion movement wear their clothes inside out, with the label showing, and post selfies on their social media using special hashtags, such as #whomademyclothes and #fashrev.

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This year’s Fashion Revolution Week took place from the 18th of April to the 24th, which marks the date of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse. People and various celebrities made films, danced special choreographies, made flags and participated in various other events to honor the victims of this tragedy, as they hope for a better fashion industry -and a better world. Let’s all join the Fashion Revolution next year, and help spread this message even further!

Pharrell Might Be The Most Sustainability-Focused Celeb In Fashion

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What happens when a super-intelligent and talented artist is able to not only visualize a way to make the world a better place, but also actually acts on it? This is exactly what Pharrell Williams has done, with his NYC-based startup company (which he co-founded), ‘Bionic Yarn’, where he still holds the position of creative director. His company creates hi-tech, innovative yarns, which can be incorporated in everyday garments.

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Pharrell has also recently become co-owner of another company, called ‘G-Star Raw’, which has launched numerous consecutive collections of their sustainable line, ‘Raw For The Oceans’. Bionic Yarn collects plastic debris and trash from the ocean, and recycles it to create yarn, which is then used by G-Star Raw to create jeans and various other garments.

“Here’s the thing,” Pharrel says, “we’re not shoving it in your face – if you’re wearing it, you’re supporting our issue to be sustainable – [the cause] in the clothes.” and then adds “We think the best billboards for people aren’t the ones up in the air, because those get changed out. It’s the ones you’re going to keep for a long time: You keep your denim. Even when you’re not thinking about it, when they’re hanging in your closet, that’s a statement right there in your closet.”

Can’t wait to see what they will come up with next!

Celebrities Champion Sustainable Fashion At The 2016 Met Gala – Emma Watson, Margot Robbie and Lupita Nyong’o take the Green Carpet, and Michelle Monaghan wears vegan fashion


We all know about Livia Firth’s  Green Carpet Challenge, which has managed to get some of the fashion industry’s most important names on board over the years. This year we spotted 3 gorgeous celebrities who took the Green Carpet Challenge, wore Calvin Klein’s creations at the Met Gala and outshone everyone there!


Emma Watson looked ravishing in her spectacular black and white plastic bottle yarn dress, which was designed with sustainability in mind up to the last zipper.


Margot Robbie wore a white ‘optical illusion’ dress which featured some strategically placed cutouts. The dress was created using a special silk fabric that was woven in Italy, and lined in organic silk. Even the zippers on this eye-catching dress were made from recycled materials.


Lupita Nyong’o picked a striking jade dress, which was painstakingly assembled in CK’s NY atelier, where they spent many work hours on the embroidery and on the structure of this fantastic piece of art.

Wild Tussah-5 thinks to talk about during after work drinks-Green Carpet at the Met Gala-Michelle Monaghan

On a side note, we noticed that Michelle Monaghan also wore sustainable fashion (and vegan, actually) to the Met Gala, as she chose a local designer’s creation, which was made using vegan recycled plastic ‘leather’ and sequins made from recycled beer cans! The bottom part of the ruffled skirt can come right off, leaving the wearer with a shorter version of this rock-glam dress. We love it!

6 Small Ways Feminism Made Me Be a Better Friend

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We recently came across a very interesting article, which listed the ways feminism can help women become better friends with each other. It explained how feminism helped the writer become a better listener, more receptive of other people’s choices regarding their own appearance, stopped slut-shaming other women, started sticking up for her friends more, became less jealous and competitive and started loving herself more, while also telling her friends she loved them more frequently.

On that last point, she quoted another feminist activist, who said: ‘Dominator thinking and practice relies for its maintenance on the constant production of a feeling of lack, of the need to grasp. Giving love offers us a way to end this suffering — loving ourselves, extending that love to everything beyond the self, we experience wholeness.

What a lovely message, and how fitting in a world where cattiness in women’s relationships is usually a given.

Color Me Free Launches New Line of Wearable Art


We love innovative ideas, and we were amazed by Color Me Free’s new wearable art t-shirts, which will generate proceeds that will empower other people to move beyond poverty, while supporting projects that try to protect endangered species.

This coloring book company has created an ethical clothing line, which features t-shirts that the buyers can color themselves, in an effort to raise awareness on endangered species and poverty. By expressing their creativity, the buyers can create their own, unique t-shirts that also carry an important message.

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