5 Things to Talk About During After Work Drinks- November

We have handpicked a few feminism, ethical fashion and sustainability-related topics you could bring up next time you find yourself chatting with your friends during Happy Hour!

Bukhara’s rich handicraft heritage

Take a look at Bukhara’s fascinating and exotic handicrafts’ past and present, and take action to protect their future! The city’s trading domes have been one of the most important caravan stops throughout history, and the artisans’ rich embroidery, pottery and carpet weaving traditions ensure that visitors can get their hands at the best handmade treasures Bukhara has to offer. As one of the major centers of world civilization, the city is a museum in itself, with its historic center has now been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

In this beautiful video, we can take a sneak peek at the local artisans’ everyday lives; their carpet weaving, ceramics, and gold embroidery skills are unparalleled!

Livia Firth: ‘Fast fashion companies are like drug pushers’

Livia Firth- 5 Things to Talk About During After Work Drinks- November

We love how Livia Firth, one of the most active voices in the sustainable and ethical fashion movement, doesn’t mince words; she brought up the subject of modern slavery, and stated that ‘the fast fashion companies are like drug pushers: they go to these countries promising to lift millions out of poverty, they get the business, and then once they start production in that country they start pushing prices down’.

Child Slavery- 5 Things to Talk About During After Work Drinks- November

She also told CNN that ‘These businesses have created an evil system that works so well for them, and they’re not accountable’. Livia is focusing on the social impact fast fashion can have, as these unethical, fast fashion companies impose the lowest possible wages on the countries they invest in, and don’t hesitate to relocate if they can find even cheaper hands. With Bangladesh’s typical monthly wages around $56, you can guess where this is going -and the problem is escalating, turning people and countries into modern-day slaves!

As a way to resist the sirens of new, cheap, replaceable clothes, Livia Firth has started the ‘#30 Wears’ campaign, urging people to wear every garment they purchase at least 30 times before recycling/donating it.

7 Times Geena Davis Was A Total Feminist Hero

Geena Davis- 5 Things to Talk About During After Work Drinks- November

‘Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice’! Besides the loveable little troublemaker, one of the most memorable characters in the film was the one played by Geena Davis -surely you remember that mousey wife-turned-hero, Barbara Maitland?

Geena Davis- 5 Things to Talk About During After Work Drinks- November

How about Thelma, the naive girl who went from looking for love and validation in all the wrong places to becoming a badass, independent woman, from the cult movie ‘Thelma and Louise’?

Geena Davis 2- 5 Things to Talk About During After Work Drinks- November

Not to mention all of her other female empowerment-themed roles, ranging from swashbuckling pirate queen to professional women’s baseball league star!

Geena Davis 3- 5 Things to Talk About During After Work Drinks- November

This article takes us on a journey down memory lane, celebrating some of this outspoken feminist actress’ most powerful moments!  

This Is What Can Happen When Men Talk About Gender Equality

This awesome video is part of SoulPancake’s #ThatsWhatHeSaid series. It shows us what a conversation between feminist men discussing issues like catcalling, consent and sexism could look like.

The creator and director Anabella Casanova wants to showcase the importance of raising good men, who understand the problem of gender equality, without prejudice and labels.

“We talk about sexism as if it’s a women’s problem,” one of the men said. “It’s women’s problem to deal with, but it’s men’s problem. Sexism is men’s problem.”

Fashion Takes Action Teach Kids to Be Responsible Consumers

Children are this world’s future, so when we see someone focusing on them, and trying to get them interested in issues that will help them pave a better future, we get psyched!

Toronto’s non-profit Fashion Takes Action is investing in a promising educational program, called ‘My Clothes My World’, which comprises of a series of innovative workshops, aimed at kids in grades 4-12, which engages them in informative discussions about consumerism, human rights and environmental issues related to the fashion industry.

We believe this program will work, and that it will help these young minds realize what needs to be done, to ensure that the world keeps going forward, towards a better future for all people, and a greener future for the environment.

Fashion Takes Action have launched an Indiegogo campaign to reach their goal of $10000. We certainly wish them the best, and will be looking out for this program!

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