Top 5 Ways to Use Handwoven Artisan Textiles

Incorporating handwoven artisan textiles into your designs brings an amazingly brilliant look with a pop of color and symmetrical patterns to your products, which are not only bound to be favored by bohemian lovers, but also by sustainable fashionistas looking for unique products with a story. This kind of ethical fashion can make you feel good about yourself while wearing it, because it’s a testament to the fact that you actually care about culture, and you do your part to preserve traditional handicrafts and support ethnic groups that are in need of support. Here are our top 5 ways you could incorporate handwoven ethnic textiles into your work.

1. Headband/Turban

Ethnic weaves look super cool when incorporated into headband designs. The multi-color geometric patterns of these gorgeous textiles offer a modern look to the turban, while still retaining the distinctive style of the ethnic groups that created them. Check out these Cham artisan weave turbans handmade by One Stitch Away.

artisan textiles

2. Pillow Cover

If you’d like to add more vibrancy to your home decor, you could always try placing these pillows on a neutral-color sofa, or as accent pillows on your bed. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping next to the water, since these patterns actually represent seashells, marks on the sand and other seaside views, which reflect the coastal life of the ancient Cham artisans.

These pillows are handmade by Chic Decor Pillows (above) and Spark Modern (under).

artisan textiles

artisan textiles

3. Dog Collar

Your dogs need to look cool, too! Add a splash of lively color and a tribal patterned collar, and see how fashionable your little friend can be.

These collars are handmade by Mia’s Closet Shop.

artisan textiles

artisan textiles

4. Camera Strap

Another great way to use handwoven artisan textiles is to use them to make custom camera straps, which you could market as one of your signature items. This camera strap is from Nena & Co.

artisan textiles

5. Handbag

Our premium leather tote bags, featuring Cham artisan textiles, help you keep your daily necessities with you, while making your stylish outfits pop. This tote bag, handmade with care by Vietnamese artisans, is a great accessory for work, yoga class or casual occasions. You can find it here.


What other designs would you incorporate these handwoven artisan textiles in? We’d love to hear! Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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