7 Unique Gift Ideas For A Sustainable Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion for you to celebrate your mom, to show how much you appreciate all of her hard work to raise and take care of you. Here are 7 sustainable and ethical gift ideas to make her feel appreciated, especially on Mother’s Day.

Sweet Blossom Body Cream by ‘Organic Surge’ – £7.50


Enriched with shea & cocoa butter, along with organic cedarwood and orange essential oil, this luxurious body cream is amazingly good for the skin. It’s scented with an aromatic ‘sweet orange blossoms’ fragrance. It is an animal-friendly product, that is perfectly suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike. With this purchase, you will also be helping the company support underprivileged and orphaned African children.

Nirmala Chalcedony Bracelet by ‘A Beautiful Story’ – €34.95


The Nirmala Chalcedony bracelet is made of recycled white metal beads, colored glass beads and a beautiful Chalcedony gemstone that symbolizes optimism and miracles. The label strives to provide support to various communities, by offering employment, and also by training the unemployed in order to help them achieve financial independence.

Organic chocolate by ‘Madécasse’ – $5.99 – $11.99


This is the perfect gift for every chocolate lover!  This chocolate is made entirely out of Africa, and it is made using a type of cocoa, along and other main ingredients locally produced in Madagascar. The company makes 90% of their products from start to finish in the island, empowering indigenous farmers with training and high wages.

Biodynamic®, Single Vineyard ‘The Butler’ by ‘Bonterra’ – $50.00


This wine is of such outstanding quality that it will make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Let your mother enjoy a little break by giving her this eco-friendly wine as the perfect treat for her to sip on on this special day, because she definitely deserves it!

Coiled Bamboo Salad Bowl by ‘Bambu’ – $40.00


This lightweight bowl is made from organically grown bamboo coil, and crafted by hand in China. The grassy color of this beautiful bowl will make any salad look even more fresh and tasty.

Classic Jar Candle by ‘Flamingo Candles’ – £12.00


This candle hand-poured in the UK using natural soy wax is a product from the environmentally friendly brand ‘Flamingo Candles’. It offers a bright and refreshing scent of the spring beach, and makes for a wonderful gift for your mom on Mother’s day.

Cham Wallet by ‘Wild Tussah’ – $69.00


And of course – a Wild Tussah wallet! A handmade wallet which helps preserve a tradition that is in danger of becoming extinct is always a great accessory idea for any conscious consumer. Handcrafted by Vietnamese artisans using traditional woven textiles created by artisans of the Cham minority group, this Cham wallet is not only going to keep your mother’s everyday items safe, but it will also add a smart and ethical touch to her outfit, along with an ethical and sustainable story to tell.

What other sustainable gift ideas have you thought of? We’d love to hear! Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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