What your bag says about you

The clutch bag


The cluth bag is for the low-maintenance lady who doesn’t need to bring her whole makeup bag with her. Cash, ID, phone, lipgloss, keys and this girl is good to go! Don’t expect her to carry any of your belongings when you go out. She only travels light.

The shoulder bag


The over-the-shoulder bag is everyone’s ‘little black dress’. It’s for the woman who doesn’t have time to go home after work to get ready for that dinner party. Its the go-to bag. Sling it across your body and you will appear casual, carry it on one shoulder to seem easy-going and carefree, or hold onto the strap to appear strong and dynamic! This handbag is your everyday jack-of-all-trades, and can really complement most of your outfits. Just be sure to not over-accessorize, and your trusty bag will see you through the day in style.

The hobo bag


Hobo bags are the bag-equivalent to sweatpants. This kind of handbag is for the hippy, the bohemian, the woman who believes she can still look amazing without sacrificing comfort for fashion. If you love the tote bag’s spaciousness, but would rather have a more laid-back handbag that you could just toss things in without too much fuss, then the hobo bag is for you! Go ahead and stuff it with everything you need, but take care not to overdo it, since overstuffed hobo bags aren’t necessarily a good look. Just pick a good quality handbag, and enjoy its playful, easy-going style while you are out there doing your own thing!

 The tote bag


The tote lady is someone who needs to have more than just the essentials at all times. This is the Mary Poppins bag! Who knows what you will find in there? Going to the office? Take this with you. Going to the market? Take this with you. Going to the beach? Take this with you! It will never let you down. It can, and it will, carry your laptop, your organizer, an extra pair of shoes, an extra outfit just in case you need it, and a whole lot more! Your stylish tote will surely become your best friend, if you are a strong go-getter who enjoys working hard and being constantly on the move.

The satchel bag


This kind of leather handbag is ideal for the hipsters, the Taylor Swifts, the retros among us… If you want to make a statement with your bag, this is the one for you! It has many compartments and pockets that will help you keep your belongings organized, whereas its small size will let you carry it everywhere with you! Satchels are super comfortable to carry , very functional, and quite fashionable!

The backpack


The backpack is ideal for the girl who couldn’t leave behind her backpacking and university days, who wants the ease of having a bag without feeling like it impedes her movement. It is ideal for women who have a case of wanderlust! A good quality backpack is a stylish and practical companion you can carry on your adventures, free from everyday worries and problems. Who wants to have to keep a firm grasp on their clutch or worry about their handbag dangling off the crook of their arm when they are busy exploring new places and having fun? So, if you are a traveler who loves focusing on sightseeing and enjoying new experiences, then a convenient, sturdy backpack might be just the thing for you.

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