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Angkor Wat

The first time I encountered South East Asia I went on a 5-week trip through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore. As soon as I stepped out of the taxi onto the streets of Bangkok I experienced sensory overload. Cars and motorbikes were buzzing by. Tuk tuk drivers were shouting out from every direction. People crowded the streets. Steaming food stalls claimed every inch of the sidewalk accompanied by little plastic table and chairs. And the humidity was inescapable. I knew this place was special.

During those weeks, I found a market on a railway in Thailand, an elephant village in Laos, explored the hills of Sapa, Vietnam and toured the ancient empire of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Along the way I experienced many different cultures, including traditional weaving villages. I was surprised to find that these weaving techniques are slowly being lost amongst the newer generations. Locals found it hard to compete with mass-manufactured textiles and demand has steadily declined. I could see that these weavers took great pride in their work and loved the opportunity to share their craft. Luckily, tourism has created a niche market where they can create souvenirs that incorporate weaves.

Let me bring a bit of my South East Asia journey to you!

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x Danica, Wild Tussah Founder

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