Top 7 Sustainable Fashion Blogs to Follow

Fashion blogs have been the best source of information for many eco-lifestyle lovers. They can really help readers look into interesting topics, as sustainable fashion hasn’t really hit the mainstream yet. However, they are a bit difficult to find, especially when you are searching for articles written by authors who have some real-life experiences to draw from. That’s why we decided to create a list of our 7 favorite fashion blogs that we hope you’ll love, too.

Eco Warrior Princess

sustainable fashion blogs

Eco Warrior Princess is Jennifer Nini’s green lifestyle and eco fashion-related blog. It focuses on preserving the environment. She writes her blog directly from her off-the-grid permaculture farm in Queensland, Australia. You’ll find many tips that will definitely help you live a more sustainable life, and Jennifer’s lists of recommended eco brands can be invaluable when you need your sustainable fashion fix. She’s a good example of a blogger who is fully dedicated to promoting sustainable fashion and living an eco-friendly lifestyle. The blog is perfect for those of you who are searching for some serious advice on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Fashion Me Green

sustainable fashion blogs

Greta Eagan, the creative mind behind Fashion Me Green, started a style-related site shortly after graduating from college. It helps her share her eco-friendly fashion knowledge with all of her friends and family, while also creating a reliable resource of information for many women around the world. Her blog often showcases various sustainable fashion and eco beauty brands and products. Greta also features some very interesting impressions of various high-style places that she has come across whilst travelling.

Tortoise & Lady Grey

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Tortoise & Lady Grey is a lifestyle and fashion blog that’s dedicated to promoting sustainable and ethical fashion. You’ll find great background information, many good tips, guides and how-tos, which will help you make the best ethical wardrobe choices. You will also get to enjoy quite a few DIY natural beauty recipes, and read many honest reviews on sustainable fashion products.

Zero Waste Home

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This is a very inspirational and popular blog written by Bea Johnson, which revolves around her zero-waste lifestyle. It has been published as a book in 9 languages. The blog features her stories on how to reduce environmental waste, and many tips and information. Amazingly, her family of four managed to produce just a jar of waste in the course of an entire year! This endeavor requires a lot of planning, buying and storing food in her own containers, recycling what the family needed and reducing what wasn’t necessary. The blog is perfect for anyone interested in learning how to live as simply as possible.

City Girl At Heart

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City Girl At Heart is a beautiful lifestyle blog that features an ethical brand every Tuesday. Georgie, the blog’s author and founder, promotes many of her favorite brands that she honestly finds inspiring. The blog is a great source of information for anyone searching for ethical brands that make products from used materials. She also features various brands that empower women with a safe workplace and fair wages.

Sustainably Chic

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Another awesome destination for reviews of ethical and sustainable brands from all over the word is the Sustainably Chic blog. Natalie, the author of the blog design her creation beautifully and the review sustainable products.

The Eco Style Editor

sustainable fashion blogs

The Eco Style Editor Blog aim at people who love fashion and interior design, but want to make the conscious decision of choosing eco friendly and sustainable products when possible. The founder, Hannah Hughes, will only ever feature sustainable looks that catch her eye.  Her chosen pieces must be really fashion-forward,  because being ethically made alone won’t cut it.

Tell us, what are some of your favorite blogs on sustainable fashion?

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